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FAQ for NDQHRA Online Auctions

(Frequently Asked Questions)

Table of Contents

  1. Who determines the minimum or starting bid?
  2. What is the Bid Increment?
  3. What are Proxy or MaxBids?
  4. What does using this auction cost and how do I qualify?
  5. How do I bid?
  6. What are Reserve Bids?
  7. How do I Post a donated stallion season for auction?
  8. How do I find out more about a posted stallion season?
  9. How do I know I won?

Who determines the minimum or starting bid?

The North Dakota Quarter Horse Racing Association decides at what amount the bidding will begin. The starting bid for all auctions is $300. If you bid, the system will ask you to bid the starting price PLUS the Bid Increment. 

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What is the Bid Increment?

The Bid Increment ($25 is the default increment) raises the bidding each time by that minimum amount (you can always bump it up even higher). The purpose of the bid increment is to keep someone from outbidding you by some silly amount like $.01. It protects you and assures the donor of getting a decent return if the item is hotly contested.

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Okay, what are Proxy Bids?

Proxy bidding allows the system to bid for you automatically. Think of Proxy bidding as someone who stays and watches the auction 24 hours a day while you're off doing more interesting things. You activate Proxy Bidding by entering the highest amount you are willing to pay for an item into the place bid box. The system will then bid for you, bidding only enough to make you the high bidder. If someone tops that bid,our system places another bid for you and so on up to the maximum amount you've specified. Under no circumstances will Proxy Bidding ever bid MORE than you said. But the system will send you e-mail about an outbid so you can enter a higher Proxy Bid amount if you'd like.

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What does using this auction cost and how do I qualify?

There is no cost to the donor or buyer to post and bid on items on our site. However, we require that all donors and buyers be registered. This enables our software to keep track of items for sale and who bids on what. It protects both ourselves as the auction providers and you as buyer and/or donor. Registration is simple and painless. Merely click on [New Registration] here or on the righthand side of any auction page.

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How do I bid?

Click on the name of the stallion season you'd like more information about. If you wish to place a bid, enter your bid in the box below the stallion information, then click on the PLACE BID button at the bottom. You will then see a bid confirmation page. This is your opportunity to review your bid before it is submitted. If you are satisfied with your bid then click on the CONFIRM BID button to lock in your bid. Your bid will not be posted if you do not confirm it on this page! Should someone outbid you, the system sends you an e-mail notification with a link back here to the stallion season listing. Click on the link right in your e-mail message and you will be returned directly to the stallion listing. You can then decide whether you want to raise your bid.

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What are Reserve Bids?

Sometimes a donor enters a Reserve Bid. For example, the item sells for $100 new. The seller decides they want to get at least $80 for it. So a reserve bid of $80 is entered into the system. In such a case--even if you are the high bidder at, say, $60--you will not win the item unless you go over $80.

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How do I Post a donated stallion season for auction?

Posting your donated stallion season for auction at: NDQHRA Online Auctions is easy. Simply register if you have not already (by clicking [New Registration] or at the top of any auction page). Our system automatically mails your password to you. Once you have the password, you might want to copy it from your e-mail and go to [Change Registration] to replace it with something you might more easily remember.

Posting donated stallion seasons for auction is accomplished by clicking on [Post New Stallion] here or on the righthand side of any auction screen. You are then given the opportunity to upload photos to include with your listing or not. (If you choose not to upload photos at this time you may do it later by updating the listing.) You can upload up to 4 photos of your stallion. After you have confirmed the photos, you will be taken to the online auction form. Fill in the form completely.

You can upload up to four photos of your stallion with the listing using our image upload service. No HUGE files please. Please try to keep the images under 50K if possible.

Select if you will allow NDQHRA to hold the season out for bids for 30 days following the close of the auction.

Select if a return breeding is offered if the breeder fails to get a live foal.

Enter the name of the Stallion.

Enter the Year Foaled.

Enter the name of the Sire.

Enter the name of the Dam.

Enter the name & address where the stallion is standing.

If the property info is the same as the standing info you can check the SAME checkbox and the information will be copied over when you submit the form.

Enter the name,address & email address of the stalliion owner.

Enter the stud fee amount.

Enter the day care amount (dry or wet).

Enter a semen collection fee.

Select if the specimen is cooled semen or not.

Enter any other fees and/or terms for which the purchaser will be responsible, or other information you want the bidder to know.

Enter your username in the Your Username: box and your password in the box below.

All bids automatically start at $300. Your item will be available for bidding immediately after you post it.

Posting items on this and any internet auction is a legally binding action. Your are irrevocably promising, assuming you get one or more bids, to sell the item. Mutual trust between buyer and seller are what drives online auctions. We will not tolerate scammers or those who break promises on this auction site.

Once the posting form is filled in to your satisfaction, hit the Preview button. The system shows how the posted item will look. If you like what you see, click on the Post button and the auction is live.

You will be notified automatically by e-mail if the stallion sells, or if it ends without selling.

If someone sends you e-mail asking about an item, please respond promptly and courteously.

We expect you to be honest and truthful in the descriptions of posted items. Anyone abusing this auction will have his or her account cancelled promptly.

If you have any questions, drop us an e-mail to Auction Administrator.

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How do I find out more about a posted stallion season?

If you have any questions about a stallionason, by all means contact the donor and ask him or her (not us!). Click on the Ask Donor A Question link found on the item page. You can ask about payment and shipment terms, or anything else not already spelled out in the listing.

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How do I know I won?

The system automatically sends the buyer (highest bidder) and donor of the stallion an e-mail when the auction ends. The buyer and donor are then responsible for making their own arrangements to conclude the deal for payment and shipment. This auction merely offers a venue for buying and selling. We will not, nor cannot, be held responsible in any way for any lack of performance by any and all parties. We simply provide a place that allows people to buy and sell. HOWEVER, do let us know of any problems. We can and will banish anyone who abuses our auction.

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For any other questions you might have, please feel free to e-mail our auction administrator, Auction Administrator.

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